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How To Enhance Your Backyard Party with a Tent Rental

Enhance Backyard Party Tent Rental | Tent Renter's Supply

No matter your age, there’s nothing quite as traditional or nostalgic as the backyard birthday party. With friends and family mingling in the yard, delicious foods sizzling on the grill, and music and laughter filling the air, it’s hard to imagine improving such a classic celebration. Fortunately, the backyard party has only gotten better over […]

Fundamental Outdoor Event Planning Tips

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When undertaking event planning for a unique and memorable engagement, thinking out of the box sometimes means thinking out of the building. Almost every event can be made more interesting and special by moving the festivities outdoors, and by following these tips, you can ensure a successful occasion. Following are the fundamentals for planning and […]

What is Attendee Engagement And Why Does it Matter?


If you’re part of the meeting and event business or are simply seeking services in the field, understanding the ins and outs of staging an entertaining, interactive event is a necessity that could make or break the success of your occasion.  In the industry, attendee engagement is the new black, but what is it, how do […]

Beauty on a Budget? 5 Ways to Stay on Track for Your Upcoming Event


With the hubbub of the holidays in the rearview, many organizations begin planning for the parties and events anticipated in the new year, and the foremost consideration that defines the function is the budget available. Unfortunately, putting words like “Budget” and “Event” in the same statement often implies a cheap, lackluster result, but it’s more […]

You Can Host Outdoor Events No Matter the Season


We often think of outdoor events in terms of the heat and sunshine (as with wedding receptions or graduation parties), but events can be held outside during the colder months as well. Here are a few elements of cold-weather events that are particularly critical to giving attendees incredible impressions.

Advertise with Your Outdoor Event to Add Value


When you organize or facilitate events, it is key to be able to add value so that you can justify your cost and grow your business. Plus, to demonstrate effectiveness (that you are actually getting ROI from a marketing effort), you must be able to show clearly that you have added the value.

Tips & Tricks to Successfully Cater an Outdoor Event

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If you want to do the guests to an event a favor, bring them outside. A scientific review of the literature on the connection between nature and mental health was featured in Frontiers in Psychology in 2014. The researchers found that being outside or near natural areas such as parks reduces stress; curbs symptoms of […]

Understanding the Difference Between Pole Tents and Frame Tents

pole tent frame tent difference

Are you wondering about the differences between tents and specifically wanting to understand frame tents vs. pole tents? Let’s look at the basic features of these two tent styles or structures – noting the ways that they differ from one another throughout.