Types of Ballasts and Anchors

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At Tent Renters Supply, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and providing the best tent solutions for our partners in the rental industry. Whether you are seeking an engineered or non-engineered tent for your rental company or event planning business, we can provide you with high-quality, custom engineered parts and accessories to best suit the needs […]

Wind Mitigation Plans

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Making sure that an event is as safe as it is memorable – for our partners in the event and rental industries, ensuring the safety of everyone at the event while protecting the company from any liabilities for weather-related dangers are two priorities that go hand-in-hand. At Tent Renters Supply, we provide guidance to our […]

How is Wind Rating Calculated?

Understanding the wind rating on a tent is critically important because it gives rental companies and event planners a baseline for how a tent will perform in certain conditions based on a number of factors that impact the integrity of the tent’s structure. At Tent Renters Supply, we provide engineering documents for engineered and non-engineered […]

Applicable Codes for Tents and Temporary Structures

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One of the ways we help our customers is by educating them on the difference between Engineered and Non-Engineered tents. In this series, we will explore some of the complex factors that influence regulations and guidelines set forth by cities and municipalities that effect tented events and site plans, in particular – applicable building codes.

Engineered Tents and Wind Loads 101

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July 6th, 1944, also known as the day the clowns cried, was one of the worst fire disasters in the history of the United States. During an afternoon performance of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily Circus, a massive gasoline and paraffin-fueled fire broke out. More than 160 people either died in the flames […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Wind Rating and Engineered Tents


As part of our upcoming 12-part Wind Loading Series, Tent Renters Supply would like to preface our special feature with a quick overview of some of the key issues we will be exploring over the next several weeks. With evolving regulations around the United States and abroad, defining the structural integrity of tents and temporary […]

Pre-Show Specials at ARA 2019

Tent Renters Supply is pleased to share that we will be an exhibitor attending the 2019 ARA Show in beautiful Anaheim, California! The show takes place from February 17-20th at the Anaheim Convention Center.   Take advantage of our pre-show specials below. We will be set up at Booth #2989, offering up show-only sales as well. […]

How to Increase the Lifespan of your Tent Inventory


A well-made commercial tent is an investment. Whether you are renting it or creating your own experiences for your patrons, you want it to last long so you can push back the cost of replacing it. Maintaining the tent well – cleaning it by professional standards, storying it dry, and patching it quickly – will […]