Advertise with Your Outdoor Event to Add Value


When you organize or facilitate events, it is key to be able to add value so that you can justify your cost and grow your business. Plus, to demonstrate effectiveness (that you are actually getting ROI from a marketing effort), you must be able to show clearly that you have added the value.

Showing proof of added value is all about measuring. You need to know the granular characteristics of the target demographic you want to come to the event. When you look at the size of attendance and can thereby gauge the reach, you should be able to start getting a sense of the extent to which your client is getting back their investment.

One simple way to add value is to brand event tents with a logo or fuller advertisement. Let’s look at the general topic of event value and then explore how advertising tents can be used to deliver or expand that value.

Getting the most possible value out of events

Ben Hindman, the CEO of event marketing platform Splash, has noted that events should be viewed as a way to open doors when a target audience is not responding to emails or phone calls. In that sense, events are a point of introduction.

Hindman notes that the event must first and foremost be appealing. In other words, the audience does not centrally care about seeing the promotion of a product or service. They may, however, be attracted to an interesting and perhaps exclusive gathering. 

In order to be able to add value, a number of approaches can be taken with your events, as indicated by EventMB:

  • Exceed the expectations of attendees
  • Give guests an experience that they enjoy and do not anticipate
  • Provide acceleration to brand awareness and revenue
  • Create stronger loyalty for the brand
  • Bolster relationships with people who are important to company growth.

Advertising tents at outdoor events

Event branding occurs on social media, as well as through advertising and other non-digital means. One of the surest ways to add value in person is by catching people’s eyes with advertising tents. That could mean adding your own logo, or working in partnership with other businesses through their sponsorship.

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