Tips & Tricks to Successfully Cater an Outdoor Event

outdoor catering

If you want to do the guests to an event a favor, bring them outside. A scientific review of the literature on the connection between nature and mental health was featured in Frontiers in Psychology in 2014. The researchers found that being outside or near natural areas such as parks reduces stress; curbs symptoms of anxiety and depression; and even improves thought patterns in those with attention problems. These mental health benefits have payoffs: people feel better, and they perform better, as indicated by a 2014 study from Exeter University. This research suggests that simply by having an outdoor event, you can create better results for your gathering.

Clearly, though, catering outdoor events can be a little trickier than serving food indoors. Here are 4 tips & tricks to make sure that the party runs smoothly when you take it outside:

1.) Perform reconnaissance.

One maxim for catering outdoor events is to go to the venue days ahead, if possible. Become familiar with the entire setting. One key logistical issue is simply getting the food from your vehicle to the tables. Checking the path beforehand prevents unnecessary delays.

2.) Get the permits you need.

When you are catering outdoor events in temporary spaces, such as parking lots or blocked-off streets, you want to make sure you are working within any zoning restrictions that have been established by local government. Generally, zones are used to form distinction between residential and commercial areas. You might additionally need permits from the fire marshal, health department, or other offices. If you are not the event planner, make sure you understand all the specifics so you can be certain you are not in danger of fines.

3.) Choose a menu that fits the space.

The menu should not be created in isolation of the atmosphere. When catering outdoor events, select menu items with consideration of how the temperature and scenery might influence what people will feel like eating. The amount of space that people have, the seasonal climate, and even ambient noise can determine what is appealing to guests. One major one is that you will need to center on finger foods if you will not have tables.

4.) Make sure that your shelter is solid.

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