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Securing a Rental Tent During Windy Fall Weather

When the warm days of summer begin to wane into the cooler nights of fall, it’s not just an abundance of “Pumpkin Spice” options that picks up for the season. Depending on the climate where you live, fall weather might not only usher in a cooler temperatures, it can also increase the possibility of light […]

Hosting a Golf Tournament? Why You Need to Rent Tents

Tents For Golf Tournaments

Golf is considered to be one of the most expensive sports to play, and its fans also spend considerably to attend popular golf tournaments. When planning such an event, hosts need to consider that attendees are there to enjoy the overall tournament experience, complete with well-organized and quality hospitality and concession areas for their entertainment […]

Beauty on a Budget? 5 Ways to Stay on Track for Your Upcoming Event


With the hubbub of the holidays in the rearview, many organizations begin planning for the parties and events anticipated in the new year, and the foremost consideration that defines the function is the budget available. Unfortunately, putting words like “Budget” and “Event” in the same statement often implies a cheap, lackluster result, but it’s more […]

How to Choose the Best Type of Tent for Your Event

event tent

If you run an event rental or party planning company, you may have clients who need tents to facilitate their outdoor events. Your client will know that they need a tent for their event but still need to finalize decisions on tent specifics. They may need to zero in on whether they want a high […]