Fundamental Outdoor Event Planning Tips

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When undertaking event planning for a unique and memorable engagement, thinking out of the box sometimes means thinking out of the building. Almost every event can be made more interesting and special by moving the festivities outdoors, and by following these tips, you can ensure a successful occasion. Following are the fundamentals for planning and hosting a fantastic outdoor affair.

Foundations First

While still in the event planning stages, get to know local ordinances and permitting requirements before putting down deposits on equipment or spaces. Are there restrictions on noise or use of candles/matches and safety codes?  Does the space have limitations on the number of attendees or for parking? By following the rules from the get-go, you can establish a good foundation for your event.

On Ready Ground?

Considering whether your event will be taking place in an already established area or not will determine just how much extra effort will be involved in the event planning. Are restrooms nearby, or do you need to consider portables? Will you need generators for power, or does the area have hook ups available? Extra communication, coordination, and planning will be required for locations that don’t have the basic necessities.

Layout Your Event Ahead of Time

An interesting event planning technique is to diagram a layout of the location and the specifics of the set up. How will equipment be brought into the area? Will vendors need spots near utility hook ups? Can you coordinate parking for suppliers and guests in advance? You can expect smoother sailing for your soiree by designing your event early.

Keep Your Guests’ Comfort in Mind

Planning your outdoor event with guests’ comfort in mind is a great way to ensure a successful endeavor. Will you need climate conditioning to compensate for the average temperatures of the season? Will guests need seating, or would insect or pest control contribute to a more enjoyable evening? How will guests take a break, find shade, stay dry, or stay hydrated?

Plan B

Even the best laid plans can be upended by unforeseen circumstances, and with serious investments made to secure locations, equipment, and vendors for your guests’ experience, it’s wise to expect the best but to plan for the worst. Having alternate locations or “just in case” plans for both your vendors and guests can save your event from disaster should something truly unplanned or uncompromising occur.

Quick Clean Up

Most event planning revolves around the set up and particulars of the actual engagement, but managing an efficient break down and clean up is just as essential to success. Have closing jobs been delegated? Where will waste be collected and how will it be transferred from the site? How and when is equipment being removed from the space?

Eager to Get Outdoors?

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