You Can Host Outdoor Events No Matter the Season


We often think of outdoor events in terms of the heat and sunshine (as with wedding receptions or graduation parties), but events can be held outside during the colder months as well. Here are a few elements of cold-weather events that are particularly critical to giving attendees incredible impressions.


This aspect may seem obvious, but temporary shelter provided by a tent will protect guests of the event against the elements – so that they feel toasty warm regardless the temperature outside. For cold-weather events, this item is virtually a must for people to have someplace to escape the chill.


Beyond the tent, some type of heat should be provided at cold-weather events to keep guests warm. That could mean propane or tall patio heaters. Getting sidewalls for the tent will keep cold wind from rushing through the tent or precipitation from entering at the edges. Depending on scale and what’s available, you could use a permanent cast-iron chimenea or fire pit(s). One way or another, you want there to be plenty of warmth – and to have a place to cook, if desired.


Food is often served in courses. Sometimes the host will want to put a grill over their fire(s) or just above the chimenea, if available, in which case you could heat up soup. Another thing that people will tend to want at cold-weather events is warm liquids. After people are able to get a warm beverage, such as hot chocolate, they may then feel like having grilled kebabs or pizza. As an unexpected and simple snack, Midwest Living suggests pretzel rods in festive tubes. Along with the food, people may like to have a little whiskey or other cocktails.


Bear in mind that what you need in lights is going to change throughout the year: you will need to have more lighting available for cold-weather events than you do for warm-weather ones. You will probably want to have lights spread around the tent in addition to using perimeter lights.

Funky blanket distribution –

If you really want to get silly and themed at a winter gathering, another idea from Midwest Living is to convert snow shovels into coat hooks and put them into drifts that are maybe three feet high (artificial as needed). These hooks would then offer your guests blankets and coats as they make their way into the event so that they can stay warm even if they did not quite bring enough from home (or if the weather is really frigid).

Severe-weather backup plan

Tents should be checked for their wind-resistance ratings. There should also be a backup plan for cold-weather events; that typically means checking for a nearby restaurant or reception room that is available in a backup capacity.

Tents for events any time of year

On warmer days, tents help people to find protection from the heat of the sun. On colder ones, they give people someplace to escape the wind and particularly chilly precipitation. With cold-weather events as with warm-weather ones, tents crafted with expertise give event attendees shelter even if the weather is poor.

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