Event Details You Don’t Want to Forget

event details

Events are incredibly important to our business and personal lives. For a business example, 58% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers say that they organize at least 50 events per year, according to Chiefmarketer. For a personal example, simply look to the 2.1 million weddings that occur annually in the United States, per the Association for Wedding Professionals International (AfWPi).

Often, success is all in the details. Here are a few event details that are easy to overlook, unnecessarily burdening your get-together with stresses that could be avoided with proper attention upfront:

  1. Parking:  One thing that is extremely important for consideration when you are throwing an event is parking. Making sure that guests are able to get to nearby parking that is free or low-cost is a way to positively impact their experience before they even arrive.
  2. WiFi: Connectivity is always another of the most important event details. If you have a weak WiFi signal, people will not be able to submit live blogs, connect with one another on social, or perform any other tasks. WiFi often becomes a problem at business functions because there are many people drawing from the system simultaneously.
  3. Shatters and spills: Never cry over broken glass or a spill. When you hear a wine glass shatter or notice liquid on the ground, it does introduce a hazard to the environment. However, it is easily and quickly remedied. You just need to immediately sweep up the glass or mop up the spill. If a broom or mop is not immediately available, move nearby children to safety while it is being retrieved and used. When you mop, set up a caution sign to alert your guests to the wet floor.
  4. Social zones: Another of the key event details that you want to address is flow: where people will be able to get food and beverages, where you will have seating, and where people will be able to stand and chat. The best way to direct how people will transition through the party is to think about the core needs you are meeting: food, drinks, and seating. Your layout should include enclaves in which people can interact.
  5. Location: Location may be the single most important factor of an event, other than time: you need to be highly accessible. Think about where you target is and organize your event nearby. If you want attendees, choose a spot than is near where people live and work.


The fact is that attention to event details can make or break your success. If you want to impress with an outdoor event, the tents are a hugely critical aspect – and having a great tented event means working with a strong supplier. At Tent Renters Supply, all of our tents are manufactured in our 13,000-square-foot facility in Tampa, Florida.