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Tents that Provide Support for Construction and Manufacturing Industries

Tents For Construction and Manufacturing

The construction and manufacturing industries took major economic hits around the turn of the last decade, but in recent years, have started making comebacks in terms of new development. Every corner you turn seems to host construction teams, expensive equipment, and their expanding projects, but variables like seasonal weather challenges and health and safety conditions […]

Solutions by Design: Introducing the KL1TRAC

At Tent Renters Supply, we are proud to have built our name and reputation in the industry as a partner who innovates and adapts to the ever-changing needs of our clients. Through design and ingenuity, we have launched a new product line with a myriad of both functional and cost-effective solutions for new and existing […]

Engineered Tents: Fire & Flame Registration

Tent Renters Supply - Fire And Flame Registration

As we’ve learned over the course of our special Wind Loading Content Series on the Tent Renters Supply blog, tent manufacturers and event operators are working with several guidelines and principals involved in safely planning and executing events involving tents and temporary structures. In this piece, we’ll be exploring Fire and Flame Registration – a […]

Securing a Rental Tent During Windy Fall Weather

When the warm days of summer begin to wane into the cooler nights of fall, it’s not just an abundance of “Pumpkin Spice” options that picks up for the season. Depending on the climate where you live, fall weather might not only usher in a cooler temperatures, it can also increase the possibility of light […]

Dirty Tent? How to make sure rentals are always ready for show!

Once all of an event’s arrangements have been made, final details approved, and contracts signed, there’s not much to do besides wait with anticipation for the big day. Imagine the disappointment if the rental tents were set up and looked dingy, used, and even stained! Tents that aren’t properly cleaned, maintained, and stored can quickly […]

Throwing a Company Tailgate Party? You May Need a Bigger Tent

event tents in tampa florida

When it comes to tailgate parties, limited are the days of huddling under minivan lift-gates on rickety lawn chairs. Tailgating is an American rite of passage, with almost 1 in 5 game attendees celebrating at pre-game parties. When the endeavor is hosted by the company, excited employees expect not only spacious protection from the elements […]

Hosting a Golf Tournament? Why You Need to Rent Tents

Tents For Golf Tournaments

Golf is considered to be one of the most expensive sports to play, and its fans also spend considerably to attend popular golf tournaments. When planning such an event, hosts need to consider that attendees are there to enjoy the overall tournament experience, complete with well-organized and quality hospitality and concession areas for their entertainment […]