Throwing a Company Tailgate Party? You May Need a Bigger Tent

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When it comes to tailgate parties, limited are the days of huddling under minivan lift-gates on rickety lawn chairs. Tailgating is an American rite of passage, with almost 1 in 5 game attendees celebrating at pre-game parties. When the endeavor is hosted by the company, excited employees expect not only spacious protection from the elements but a more luxe alternative to the tiny pop-up tent. If your company is planning a tailgate party, what top four items should you consider when looking for a commercial tent rental?

1. Weather the Elements

Football season is in full swing in the fall, but in warmer climates, that might not automatically mean cool breezes and dry skies. Depending on the typical weather in the area, your tent may need to include ventilation options like fans, sidewalls for protection from rain, a heating system in northern states, or even air conditioning units in the south, where October temperatures can still be in the low 90’s. Contact your tent manufacturer or supplier about any available options for maximizing guest comfort, and you’ll be sure to score big.

2. Fixing for Fixin’s

According to recent polls, 93% of tailgaters plan to dine while tailgating, and with most firing up the grill, having dedicated space or an entire dedicated tent for food preparation or consumption will be key to a successful party. Options aren’t only limited to burgers and dogs though; with protection from the elements and the potential for utilities, think big! Need refrigeration for dessert items or a connection for the fondue fountain? Want to make the event more kid-friendly by offering a cotton candy machine, or create a more vintage theme by providing fresh popcorn or candied nuts? Options are almost limitless with investment in a quality commercial tent.

3. Something for Everyone

Another reason to invest in commercial tent rental is to have enough space for activities that are inclusive of all party-goers. Most company parties make the festivities a family affair, and if employees bring their children, more fun will be had by all if you consider designating a special space for kid-friendly activities or entertainment. From face-painting tables and cornhole games to ball-return nets for practice pitches or pigskin passes, designing your Tailgate Party Space with the entire family in mind will keep everyone enthusiastic and engaged.

4. Spots for Sponsors

Many companies have succeeded in arranging corporate sponsorship of some aspects of the tailgate party, whether it’s food or drink, game day swag, or company party giveaways. Having the capacity to offer space at the actual event that includes direct contact to a company’s target demographic may be a great bargaining chip when it comes to making arrangements. Ask your wholesale tent supplier about the possibility of a larger tent, or about having a set up custom-designed to meet your exact needs.

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