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What Will Event Tents Look like in 2022?

Event Tents in 2022

History has a way of repeating itself, and if the challenges of the last couple years have offered any silver lining, it’s a reminder of the resilience of the global community. More than 100 years ago, the nation and the world endured a similar experience with the influenza pandemic of 1918, and although it took […]

How to Grow Your Tent Rental Business in 2022

How to grow your tent rental business in 2022

Just about every commercial industry in the world is still maneuvering the challenges imposed by the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic of early 2020, and in finally moving beyond the days of barely making ends meet, many are now motivated to jump into the new year with an eye on increased growth and profitability potential. […]

Tents that Provide Support for Construction and Manufacturing Industries

Tents For Construction and Manufacturing

The construction and manufacturing industries took major economic hits around the turn of the last decade, but in recent years, have started making comebacks in terms of new development. Every corner you turn seems to host construction teams, expensive equipment, and their expanding projects, but variables like seasonal weather challenges and health and safety conditions […]

Tent Solutions for Agricultural Needs

Soultions for agriculture

In recent decades, tremendous changes have been made in the farming and agricultural industries, but if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that innovation and versatility are still the most essential factors in running a successful enterprise. Not only can seasonal and environmental shifts be unpredictable and hamper production and harvest, but […]

Questions to Ask When Buying An Event Tent

Questions to ask your event tent manufacturer | Tent Renters Supply

As a rental company, when considering using a large party tent for an event, finding a quality product isn’t always easy. Whoever first said “You get what you pay for” might well have been talking about rental tents! With dozens of different styles and types of tents and hundreds of different tent manufacturers you could […]

How to Make A Big Top Event A Big Hit For Your Customers

Big Top Tent Manufacturer | Tent Renters Supply

There’s no mistaking the instant joy that is inspired by the sight of large, striped tent, because for many of us, childhood trips to the carnival were a rite of passage, and the “Big Top” carnival tent still symbolizes the happiness of a fun and exciting afternoon. It’s no wonder that circus or carnival-themed parties […]