Event Tent Safety 101

Event Tent Safety 101

The global events of the last couple years have created an incredible demand for rental tents across all industries, but it remains that one of the most popular uses of these custom shelters is as event tents. Because of increased use, there exists the possibility of an increased risk of misuse, so it’s important to make sure that rental clients understand the general risks associated with incorrect set up and maintenance of tents. What are the most important elements of event tent safety to pass on to your rental clients?

Site Analysis

While many tents are set up on completely flat and graded surfaces like parking lots, roads, or other concrete substrates, some tents are desired for use on uneven ground like grass or fields, and may need special installation considerations. Also, in areas near power lines or utilities, event tent safety measures may involve contacting local authorities for clearance. It’s important to determine these in advance to make sure there are no concerns about tent stability or safety.

Professional Set Up

Every event tent rental contract should require and include professional set up, whether the tents designs are small and simple or sizable and complex. Many companies, venues, organizations, or private renters only secure an event tent rental once or twice annually, and relying on unseasoned contractors or staff to safely assemble the products is a recipe for risk.

Light the Land

Whether tents are utilized for activities and events that take place during daylight hours or those that extend into the evening, proper lighting in and around the tent is important for the safety of staff and party-goers alike. Rental tents are typically secured to the ground around them, and rigging and anchors may pose a trip hazard to attendees that may not be watching where they step. Proper lighting can illuminate areas like doorways, and those that pose a risk of falls and prevent a potentially ruinous accident.

Find the Forecast

Mother Nature has a way of challenging our best intentions, and even with a professionally installed, secured, and lit event tent, inclement weather can pose safety risks if extremes are anticipated. Make a point of checking weather forecasts in the days ahead of an event, and if the skies look murky the day of, have alternative arrangements established that ensure the safety of attendees.

Be Mindful of Decorative Elements

Event Tents are the perfect backdrop for the special decorations that make an event beautiful and memorable, but it’s important to design these additions with safety in mind. Open flames like candles need to be placed and monitored at secure distances from walls, ceilings, and flammable substances or materials, or avoided altogether and exchanged for battery or LED options. String lighting is also popular, and wiring needs to be inspected in advance of installation to ensure its integrity. If sidewalls are in place, another great idea for event tent safety is to make sure that all exits are clear of any obstructions and clearly marked.

Tent Renter’s Supply is Your Safe Bet

Because the success of your rental tent business relies on providing safe, quality products and maintaining a fresh and varied inventory, it’s important to be able to rely on a superior supplier that is dedicated to excellence in production and customer service. Contact Tent Renter’s Supply today to have your questions answered and to learn more about creating custom rental tents that meet the needs of your clients.