What Will Event Tents Look like in 2022?

Event Tents in 2022

History has a way of repeating itself, and if the challenges of the last couple years have offered any silver lining, it’s a reminder of the resilience of the global community. More than 100 years ago, the nation and the world endured a similar experience with the influenza pandemic of 1918, and although it took a couple years for things to settle, life eventually returned to a new normal and continued on to flourish. As we round the year’s end into 2022, we, too, have the benefit of some hindsight, and combined with advances in science and technology, are better equipped to move into a new era of “normal” with confidence and safety in mind. Since event tents will continue to be a staple of support for life and business to roll on into the new year and beyond, what can we expect their use to look like in 2022?

Outdoor Options

As we gained a better understanding of the science behind maintaining safety, it became clear that to minimize transmission rates, it was essential to utilize the spaciousness and airflow of the outdoors when it came to getting customers back into businesses. Companies like restaurants and bars with established outdoor dining spaces saw the biggest rebounds fastest, leaving others to scramble for solutions like event tents to see their clientele return with confidence. Throughout the new year, we can expect continued demand for spacious, outdoor options made of resilient materials for essentials like dining and small business events, with consideration for seasonal variables and the elements.

Great Gatherings

Community is a foundation of humanity; since the dawn of civilization, we’ve been drawn to become part of a tribe or group. Although we can continue to anticipate challenges in large gatherings of people, we will always want to convene, and event tents can offer safer alternatives to cramped, indoor areas. Whether serving a large company picnic for a Labor Day celebration, an important sporting event celebration, or a convention center expansion for a Sci-Fi movie, game, and comic event, events will be much more successful if they’re operationally designed with safety and consideration in mind.

Extraordinary Events

It’s in the face of fear that we remember to express gratitude, and although the turn of the decade has brought a solemn tone to the global experience, it’s more important than ever to celebrate intimate anniversaries of life, marriage, retirements, and more. When presented with extraordinary life events, it’s important to have options that allow as many friends and family as possible to join together safely, and custom event tents provide a great alternative to the smaller, confined spaces currently available through many event centers.

Plan for Tomorrow, Today

At Tent Renter’s Supply, we understand the role your event tent rental company serves in the community, and strive to provide custom tents and parts of exceptional quality at competitive prices. We look forward to supporting your company’s success as you move into the new year with a new outlook, and will meet any of the needs that the evolving future presents. Contact us today to plan for an incredible 2022!