It’s Time to Talk about the Hospitality Tents for the Gasparilla Parade of the Pirates! Savvy?

It’s Time to Talk about the Hospitality Tents for the Gasparilla Parade of the Pirates!

If you’ve been anywhere near Florida’s SunCoast mid-winter, you’ve likely heard of or experienced the phenomenon known as Gasparilla, or the Parade of Pirates. While the event originated in 1904 as part of a larger local celebration, it has since taken on a life of its own, becoming the 3rd largest parade in the US as of 2015 and regularly drawing crowds of over 300,000. Besides beckoning buccaneers to don their Tricorns and Cutlasses, this Tampa tradition invites between $22 and $40 million to the local economy.

Another growing tradition has been the hundreds of festive tents that line Bayshore Boulevard and house camaraderie and merriment for viewers and pirates alike. Each year more and more of those tents are made possible by Tent Renters Supply, one of the fastest growing suppliers of quality tents on the west coast of Florida.

A little Nelson’s Folly in Your Nipperkin

With the influx of tens and hundreds of thousands of attendees into the area, brick and mortar spirit establishments would easily be overrun in terms of space and demand, and rental event tents offer businesses the opportunity to expand their service areas and capacities. Also, if any carousers start to feel a little squiffy, the hospitality tent offers a shelter from the elements while they regain their land legs.

Hungry for Hardtack or Salmagundi?

A full day of merriment without sustenance would leave revelers feeling marooned, and hundreds of area restaurants can satiate those ravenous appetites with hospitality tents that offer both a place to find their fill of local and specialty fares and put up their boots. Rental tents for restaurants can come in various sizes; small to cover just the vendors’ displays of prepared goods, medium affairs for cooking and prep stations for fresh foods, or larger sizes for a kitchen, storage, and covered tables for guests at a safe distance of a fathom apart.

Bays for Loot and Booty

Whether you’re seeking your own Jolly Roger, tankard, or a set of commemorative beaded necklaces, part of the excitement of attending such an outstanding parade and festival is finding the perfect memento of your adventures. Retail vendors rely on event tents to shelter their expensive investments and as a backdrop for enticing display decorations. Additions like sidewalls can help to manage customer flow and inventory and offer a way to batten down the hatches in the event of inclement weather.

Yo Ho Ho with your Hearties

It wouldn’t be a party without the revelries of a chantey and some dancing, and music venues and musicians rely on the support of event tents to keep their expensive technology and valuable merch safe from the elements during their performances and exhibitions. Secure sound stations will keep the party going until it’s time to abandon ship and head home.

Invest in Tents for the Gasparilla Parade to Fill your Coffers

The Gasparilla Parade of Pirates and Festival is a winter staple in one of the largest communities in Florida, and a powerful source of revenue and marketing for participants at all levels. To ensure a rousing success each year, more and more rental houses are turning to Tent Renters Supply for the perfect tents to rent out for this celebration. Want to party like a pirate? Call Tent Renters Supply…and tell them Jose Gaspar sent you!