The Basics When it Comes to Securing Your Wedding Tent on Any Foundation

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When you think of a tent, you most likely envision the small backyard or camping version that requires a web of supportive rods, ropes, and of course stakes, which need to be driven into the ground. When it comes to a professionally installed tent, like the large white tents used for weddings, the supports required […]

Is Your Wedding Reception Site Tent Ready?

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Hosting an outdoor wedding or reception with the use of a large, white tent can create a unique and beautiful venue with unsurpassed ambience, intimacy and novelty where it might not otherwise be possible. These reasons and more are why tented weddings are a favorite among brides, grooms, and planners, but as spectacular as the […]

Questions to Ask When Buying An Event Tent

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As a rental company, when considering using a large party tent for an event, finding a quality product isn’t always easy. Whoever first said “You get what you pay for” might well have been talking about rental tents! With dozens of different styles and types of tents and hundreds of different tent manufacturers you could […]

How to Make A Big Top Event A Big Hit For Your Customers

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There’s no mistaking the instant joy that is inspired by the sight of large, striped tent, because for many of us, childhood trips to the carnival were a rite of passage, and the “Big Top” carnival tent still symbolizes the happiness of a fun and exciting afternoon. It’s no wonder that circus or carnival-themed parties […]

Hosting a Golf Tournament? Why You Need to Rent Tents

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Golf is considered to be one of the most expensive sports to play, and its fans also spend considerably to attend popular golf tournaments. When planning such an event, hosts need to consider that attendees are there to enjoy the overall tournament experience, complete with well-organized and quality hospitality and concession areas for their entertainment […]

Ways to Help Your Guests Stay Cool at Your Summer Wedding

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The warmer months of the year are very popular for hosting summer weddings, with beautiful visions of sun-speckled aisles and warm breezes mingling among guests. While such picturesque scenarios are ideal, Mother Nature often has other ideas in mind, and can turn welcoming warmth into “Wow, it’s HOT!” in a matter of hours. What are […]

Dos and Don’ts for Summer Wedding Planning

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One of the first major decisions made when it comes to planning a wedding is setting the date of the nuptials, and a full 35% of all couples in the U.S. opt to host a summer wedding. With long hours of beautiful daylight and generally agreeable weather, planning the event during warmer months of the […]

Top Tips for Hosting Your Wedding Outdoors

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When it comes to successfully hosting an outdoor wedding, there’s a lot more to consider than flower selections or the fun and creative favor ideas you’ve saved to your Pinterest board. Planning to have the ceremony or reception outdoors will surely give you more freedom in choosing the location of your dreams, but it will […]

How To Enhance Your Backyard Party with a Tent Rental

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No matter your age, there’s nothing quite as traditional or nostalgic as the backyard birthday party. With friends and family mingling in the yard, delicious foods sizzling on the grill, and music and laughter filling the air, it’s hard to imagine improving such a classic celebration. Fortunately, the backyard party has only gotten better over […]

Tent Fabric Choices for Your Outdoor Event

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When researching tents and suppliers for an outdoor event, it can be helpful to have an understanding of the materials that are available for the equipment. In a perfect example of form fitting function, different tent materials will serve different purposes and be best suited for varied applications. What are the pros and cons of […]