Why Tent Sidewalls are Essential for Outdoor Events

Why Tent Sidewalls are Essential for Outdoor Events

Whatever the occasion, tent sidewalls are vital for outdoor events. They can be customized to match and fit any tent, including size, material and transparency. Crucial for any outdoor event, sidewalls aid in protection from the elements, increase privacy and make for an eye-catching look.

Shield from the Weather

Tent sidewalls protect the occupants and contents of a tent from the outside weather conditions. Sidewalls act as a barrier between the tent’s interior and outside elements like wind and rain. They protect people and goods against the sun’s damaging rays, providing cooling shade and UV protection.

If it’s cold outside, sidewalls help to keep heat inside — especially if you use outdoor heaters. Similarly, sidewalls can help to keep a tent cool on a hot day, especially if you also have fans.

Protection against the Environment

Tent sidewalls provide protection from the nearby environment. For example, if you hold your event in a working field you can easily prevent curious livestock from wandering in to take a look. Additionally. sidewalls help to keep mosquitos, flies, and other bugs out of your event space. They prevent debris, such as fallen leaves, from blowing inside.

Eye-Catching Statement

Solid tents with sidewalls may be more noticeable in a crowd. They can make an eye-catching statement at an event where there are many companies in individual tents and help to make yours more noticeable.

You can also use the outer tent walls to advertise your goods, services or event to attract greater interest. Tents with a more solid appearance through the use of sidewall tend to look sleeker and more streamlined. With the interior obscured from view, they look uncluttered and can appear more professional than their open-sided counterparts.

Enhanced Privacy

If you’re hosting an exclusive event or a private party, such as a wedding or corporate activity, you may want to shield the tent’s interior from people passing by. Tent sidewalls can help to conceal what’s happening inside the tent, providing a greater degree of privacy for event attendees.

Why Tent Manufacturers Recommend Tent Sidewalls

In short, tent sidewalls make a tent suitable for almost any outdoor event at any time of the year. They can make events more comfortable for attendees, which can encourage greater or longer attendance. They can boost a tent’s visual appeal while also increasing the temporary structure’s practical usability. Browse our sidewall options to find the best fit for your next event.

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