Where do the Tents from Gasparilla Come From?

Gasparilla Tents On Bayshore

Gasparilla, AKA the Parade of Pirates, is a Tampa tradition that has spanned generations for more than one hundred years. Each January, hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country attend the festivities on Bayshore Boulevard to celebrate one of the nation’s biggest annual parades. Beads, beards, pirates, booty, and food and drink are only a few staples to see along the parade route! Not to mention, custom commercial tents for vendors, sponsors, and community members supporting the annual cause.

Tent Renters Supply is a proud manufacturer of many of the tents along the parade-side route.  We accommodate a number of local and national companies and brands that look for the best quality and turnaround times to house their guests, serve food, and provide shelter from the elements with quality engineered and non-engineered tents.

How are the tents produced?

The tents are designed and manufactured according to the client’s specifications. No project is too big or too small, and we can accommodate whichever unique characteristics they desire. From rope & pole to high peak and general frame tents, we produce a large range of tent sizes to suit a number of different needs.

For instance, many of our clients offer catering and extensive seating arrangements for their guests. We design around those needs. Some companies use their tents to demo their products or sell items directly. We also design according to their needs!

We also provide custom printing and brand colors for every client we work with. Gasparilla is a unique opportunity that allows our clients to get their brand in front of nearly half a million people – and we help them take advantage of that marketing opportunity.

How quickly are the tents produced?

Because we’ve been in the tent manufacturing business for so long, we’ve perfected and streamlined our production processes which have allowed us to reduce our labor costs, improve the accuracy of our products, and reduce manufacturing times. Many of the tents you’ll see at Gasparilla were conceived, designed, produced, and installed – all within the last two weeks!

If you need a quality tent manufacturer with a track record of excellence, then look no further. Tent Renters Supply is ready and able to take your order, to take your idea and bring it to life! Contact us for product pricing and more information today.