Tent Types: Determining the Best for Your Event


A tent is more than a tent. It’s a temporary structure that houses some of our most important events, cherished memories, and milestones. They are used in times of peace and used in times of war. Depending on the purpose and use, there are several styles and types to choose from. At Tent Renters Supply, we run down a few of the more popular options that we’ve manufactured for our clients across the country.

The Frame Tent

The frame tent is a classic option because it provides a wide range of sizes, flexibility for limitless configuration options, as well as multiple valance styles. Substyles of frame tents include hip tents, and the gale and marquee styles. Frame tents are our most popular tents with a track record of performance for all your needs.

The High Peak

Elegant and almost regal in appearance, cross cable high peak tents offer height without the need for center poles. This allows users to have more options for decorating within the tent with fewer restrictions. In a nutshell, this style gives a festive look, offers quicker setup time with fewer parts, and no center pole obstructions.

The Pole Tent

Efficient, affordable, and highly transportable – the role and pole tent offers convenience through fewer parts, easier transportation and set up, and is an ideal choice for large scale events.

If you are unsure which tent would best serve the needs of your company, contact us at Tent Renters’ Supply. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through our products, with the ability to manufacture a custom tent designed for your unique needs.