Reopening Safely: Tent Products to Support Businesses During the Pandemic

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As cities around the country are beginning to open back up post-quarantine, that begs the question: what will the new normal look like? Even though we can go back to our favorite shops and restaurants, safety has to still be the top priority. The added use of tents can make our favorite places safer again, and our hospitals and healthcare centers can expand their service to help more people. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tent Renters Supply is committed to providing essential products to support the communities we serve.

Retail Use For Tents

From curbside retail, outdoor dining, salons, and beyond, there are endless application opportunities for commercial tents. Bringing part of your business outside allows for easier social distancing measures while increasing the capacity of your space. The result — more dollars in your pocket and safer customers who are more likely to return.

We have a large stock of a variety of tents to offer, as well as custom tent-making ability. Our streamlined manufacturing process enables us to sell quality tents to our customers at reasonable prices, as well as make and deliver them quickly.

Disaster Response

As another wave of COVID-19 remains uncertain, hospitals and healthcare centers need to be prepared for anything. We offer several types of tents that can be used to expand the capacity of hospital care.

Hospital Privacy

Developed to support disaster relief efforts for when hospitals are not operational or additional capacity is required. The Privacy Tent allows emergency management staff to quickly set up operational facilities which allows for individuals to be evaluated and maintain personal separation.

Drive Up Screening

Screening Tent Setups are a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and aid patient testing while maintaining social distancing. Typical sizes range from 10ft Wide x 20ft Long to 20ft x 40ft and can be customized to your location and needs. Sidewalls offer privacy from viewing, and support tents can be connected for services or employee rest areas.

Browse our full disaster relief response catalog here.

A True Partner in Difficult Times

We’re all feeling the ripple effects of this pandemic. Many industries are needing to pivot to stay relevant to customers. Allow us to be your true partner and help you make the best of these times. We have more than 30 years of experience in helping businesses and communities in times of hurricane and other natural disasters and are uniquely qualified to help during the time of pandemic. Contact us to get started.