The Timeless High Peak Tent: Perfect for your most Elegant Event

The Timeless High Peak Tent: Perfect for your most Elegant Event

Planning any special event first begins with the inspiration of providing a classic, beautiful setting to host the experience, and the visual that often comes to mind for those most elegant of endeavors is the timeless High Peak tent. With sides that drape away from a centered peak, high peak tent designs are reminiscent of old circus Big Tops and festivals, Derby soirees, and even regal rendezvous. What are high peak tents, and are they the right fit for your elegant event?

High Expectations

High Peak tents are unique designs that have either a single, double, or multiple-peak roof line. Unlike conventional frame tents, high peaks don’t have a center support pole, and instead, a peak that rises out of a structured tent frame. Because of this design, it offers high ceilings and unobstructed views of the entire space, which provides a dramatic and glamorous impression for any event.

High Peak History

Tents have been used for thousands of years, originally made of animal hides, bones, and tree branches, and evolving through millennia for use by wanderers, native tribes, travelers, and military, to more closely resemble the event tents we use today around the early 1920s. The economic boom of the era launched a new phase of the bridal industry, which prompted the redefining of the tent as a luxury setting accessory. High Peak tents are easily recognized in paintings of British military and royalty as far back as the 17th and 18th centuries, and are often used to elevate events today.

High Hopes

Because High Peak tents offer a classic silhouette and a spacious layout, they are perfect for a number of events for which other designs may fall short. High Peaks offer an open setting with unobstructed views for guests and tables, dance floors, DJ rigs and banquet set ups, so they’re a perfect solution for weddings, receptions, anniversary and birthday parties, holiday and special event celebrations and more. Corporate events often include prestigious guests, or may be hosted in hopes of garnering the support of investors, so it’s important that the tents used provide an elevated and grand impression for these events as well.

High Durability

High Peak tents are different from pole tents in the way they’re designed, in that they are frame tents that use tension bracing so they are self-supportive and ideal for driveways, walkways, and other tight spaces. One clear and significant benefit of High Peaks is their height, which clears space for larger displays and taller items needing shelter. High Peak tents can also be custom made for any size party, from 10 to over 500.

Highly Satisfactory

The timeless High Peak Tent is the perfect addition to any elegant event, and offers spaciousness, a durable design, and the perfect backdrop for special decorating and classic affairs from weddings and parties to corporate and other formal events. When you need the best, trust the best, and call Tent Renter’s Supply with your questions and special orders. Reach out today!