The Evolution of Event Tents

The Evolution of Event Tents

Large event tents are modern marvels. They come in an abundance of shapes, styles, sizes and colors. Yet, while we rely on their adaptability for various applications, few of us take the time to consider their colorful history. So, what is the history of event tents and how has their use evolved into the beautiful, iconic showpieces we utilize today?

Surprising Tent History and Notable Tent Facts

Some estimate the advent of the use of tents being up to 40,000 years ago when the temporary shelters were first used by nomadic peoples, most recent examples being the Berbers, Mongols, Maasai, Sami and tribes of Indigenous Americans that used Tipis. Since then, there have been plenty of historical references to tent usage around the world:

  • During the Iron Age of 1200 to 600 BCE, militaries like the Roman army used tents as shelters and gathering spaces for their soldiers.
  • Military use eventually progressed to include elaborate “glamping” style tents used by royalty; these often had more color and additions like adornments and turrets.
  • 16th century Europe incorporated the use of portable “canopies” called chuppahs used domestically for Jewish wedding ceremonies.
  • During the late 18th century, circuses were established and in 1825, event tents were used for their attractions.
  • In the early 20th century, Europeans flocked to Africa to go on safari and utilized large tents to maintain the comforts of home.
  • A bustling wedding industry was born during the late 1920s and outdoor weddings and receptions were further influenced by an influx of Jewish immigrants and their use of the chuppah.
  • Post-war, “American Dream” weddings like JFK and Jackie’s in the 1950s would make event tent history and the coming decades would see event tent designs evolve and expand.

Modern Tent Advancements

Frame tents, pop-up tents, and high peak frame tents have all evolved to cater to different events’ structural, aesthetic and spatial needs. Advancements in the materials used have also improved tent longevity and durability, so lessors and renters can expect countless seasons of use:

  • Heavy-Duty vinyl for canopy and sidewall materials make event tents more resilient to elements like sun, wind and rain. At the same time, improvements in plastics make way for features like clear ceilings and windows.
  • Lightweight elements like anodized aluminum make large event tents easier to transport and set up while also resisting corrosion.
  • Engineering advances and evolving industry standards have made event tents safer and more stable for various foundations and terrains.
  • Computerized design invites innovative changes that make larger tents available and even more aesthetically pleasing for a variety of uses.

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