Reunite Loved Ones with Nursing Home Tents

tent renters supply nursing home tents

While COVID may have put a significant strain on rental companies who rely on public events and other large gatherings, there is a new opportunity to help bring joy and families together. Nursing homes can greatly benefit from hosting outdoor visitation spots to allow families to visit another while safely maintaining social distancing. Our tent products are perfect for accommodating the needs in this emerging area and we are here to help supply our partners during this time with the products and guidance they need.

After many long difficult months, Nursing Homes want to provide their residents with an opportunity to be reunited with their loved ones. Similarly to universities, schools, and other large institutions, many nursing home facilities are looking for tent rentals to create their much-needed outdoor space.

This will enable residents to have a safe outdoor meeting area for family and friends. Through Tent Renters Supply, you can be a part of bringing families together, while also expanding your scope of business.

Government Funding for Tents Available

The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced on September 17th that they will now approve the use of CMP (Civil Money Penalty) funds to purchase tents for outdoor visitation and/or clear dividers to create physical barriers to reduce the risk of transmission during in-person visits. This allows much more opportunity for families to be reunited, for businesses to recoup, and for citizens to remain vigilant during COVID.

We are here for you as our changing world changes your business.

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