How to Revive Your Restaurant During COVID


Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented measures – and many of our clients at Tent Renters Supply have struggled in the service industries as a result of the global pandemic. Whether you own a restaurant, entertainment venue, or coordinate events, large gatherings have been put on hold indefinitely. We offer a few guidelines and ideas for our partners in the hospitality industry, read below to learn more about keeping things running these days.

Invest in Sheltered Designated Spot for Curbside Pick-Up

Letting your patrons know that they can pick up food from your establishment is a great way to keep orders coming in, and customers served safely. Have a clear policy for where the curbside pick up destination is – if it’s right outside your front door, ensure that you have a large, clean table to place the orders on. We also recommend you provide a sheltered place to do so; if you don’t have an awning or roof over the door, we suggest you invest in a tent to provide protection from the elements.

Consider a Drive-Through Model

If space allows you to set up a drive-through, this convenience can mean great sales for your restaurant. Pre-cook your most popular menu items so that customers can receive their order in an expedited fashion. Ensure that social distancing with customers is upheld and advise your staff to wear a mask when taking orders at your window.

Take the Dining Experience Outdoors

Perhaps the only silver lining of the pandemic is that it’s given everyone the extra motivation to engage in outdoor activities and spend more time outside. Many businesses in the country are adapting to the limited capacities mandated by expanding their dining areas outdoors. Provide sheltered spaces that allow groups and guests to sit at designated tables, at a safe distance from the others. 

At Tent Renters Supply, we have helped businesses of all sizes adapt and grow by offering our innovative and cost-effective tent manufacturing services for more than 40 years. From humanitarian crises to large outdoor events, natural disasters, and now a global pandemic, we are here to help you. To get started, contact us today.To get started, contact us today.