Vote Safely with Socially Distant Polling Tents

Vote Safely

The 2020 US presidential election season is around the corner, and the risk of COVID-19 for in-person voting has been a much-discussed topic of late. Voting safely, while maintaining social distance is one of the biggest concerns as Americans navigate these unprecedented times. While counties and local authorities in various cities are determining what actions to take, one solution that Tent Renters Supply can provide is the use of tents for outdoor polling stations.

The Benefits of Using Tents

Both practical and flexible, using a tent for a polling station is a solution that can give voters the ability to exercise their democratic rights without fear of contracting the virus in the process. 

At the moment, proposed pop-up stations, including handwashing facilities, can help mitigate these concerns.

Customized Drive-Through Polling Stations

Personal privacy is a key ingredient in ensuring the democratic process runs smoothly. Drive-through voting systems could allow voters social distance as well as promoting privacy during the voting process itself. This is also another way to provide voters with an outdoor voting option that is sheltered from the elements in the case of a long wait. Our manufacturing process includes materials that are durable, wind-resistant, and perform safely in various kinds of weather situations.

Custom-Made Tents by Tent Renters Supply

At Tent Renters Supply, we customize tents for a wide range of events and venues. Our 40 years of experience in the industry have taught us one very important thing; that every client and project deserves a unique engineering solution. In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to provide essential products to support businesses, institutions, healthcare facilities, and others to navigate the pandemic.

To learn more about our custom tent manufacturing products and services, contact us today to get started. We’re ready to engineer a solution that works best for you.