Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

outdoor space

The choice of venue is key to anyone organizing an event, and events can be held just about anywhere. If you are in the hospitality industry, you know that location is an important way in which the tone of a gathering is established, whether the reason for convening is a corporate sales conference or a wedding. No matter why your guests are getting together, an outdoor setting can make a major impact – especially when you consider the weather-protection granted by the use of tents.

An incredible impression

Hospitality businesses such as hotels and golf courses are conventional places where large areas can be reserved for events. As for specific event settings, possibilities range from meeting rooms to ballrooms, gardens, and rooftops. Plus, it’s important to remember that event venues extend to universities, museums, theaters, mansions, and even yachts. Since people and companies often want to make their event special based on location, companies in the hospitality industry must be aware of the value of their outdoor space. Simply stepping outside can provide a unique and creative space in which guests of the facility can enjoy the grounds and breathe the fresh air of your natural surroundings.

How do you better make an impression simply by switching from indoors to outdoors? Context has a huge impression on your perception of a brand or product, just like the atmosphere gives you a completely different setting in which to experience the bonding of two families at a wedding. Bringing the event outdoors can create a greater impact by making it more memorable, with tents to shelter attendees from the sun, wind, and rain.

Your brain on the outdoors

If you want to think about lasting impressions and creating a memorable experience for your guests, it helps to understand the real value of the outdoors on a neurological level. Neuroscientist David Strayer noted that there are a couple ways in which nature improves the way that we think (which in turn prompts us to build stronger impressions):

  • Allows your attention to return: In a natural setting, the prefrontal cortex slows down. Effectively, that means there is less distraction from a desire to multitask. Just 25 minutes outside is enough to improve your cognition, according to a 2013 study featured in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
  • Frees the mind: Without the prefrontal cortex firing constantly, your mind is able to drift more peacefully, accessing its storehouse of memories and emotions. “You let the prefrontal cortex rest, and all of a sudden these flashes of insight come to you,” explained Strayer.

Expand your areas of profit

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