Event Tent Buying Tips

event tent buying tips

Whether you need tents for event rental, party planning, carnivals, or a hospitality business, you have to figure out where you will get them. Here are some tips to help you find the right tent:

#1 – Look at ratings and reviews.

If you have a tendency to look at online reviews before you buy, you are not alone. According to the 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal, 84% of us put as much faith in an online review as we do in a personal recommendation. Just as with consumer services, reviews help you get third-party perspectives on suppliers.

#2 – Consider where they are made.

It’s good to know where your tents are made. It can make sense to use a supplier that manufactures its tents in the United States, for a few reasons. One is that you can promote your use of “made in the USA” tents to your customers. Another is that there may be a language barrier with foreign providers, making it difficult to understand your needs.

#3 – Compare the space to the tent’s structure.

Event tents come in a variety of models, ranging from scalable hip frame to the average pop-up. Smaller, frame-type tents are standalone, so their space needs are more straightforward. Larger tents will require a minimum 6 feet of clearance at every side, allowing room to stake tension ropes to the ground (supporting the center poles and perimeter).

#4 – Gauge the wind.

Wind can easily result in a disaster at an event, with even well-made tents can be brought down by powerful gusts. Keep that in mind, and make sure you have plenty of stakes and tension wires when you set up in a windy area or on high ground. Tents that are the best prepared for wind are open-sided. Assuming you do need sides, you want openings on the sidewalls, for channeling. Also, find out how many miles per hour of wind the tent can withstand.

#5 – Be ready for rain.

When it rains, you want to know that the water will drain rather than building up on top of the tent. That means you need gutters (for channeling, like the wind, of the water). The gutters will carry the water away from the canopy top and down the sides.

#6 – Color choice should incorporate time.

Stripes and bright colors could be a way to make your tents look particularly eye-catching; however, the generally wise choice for color is neutral, since bold colors will fade over time. Bear in mind that the fabric is being hit with rain and sun. Beyond the issue of weathering, neutral colors also blend seamlessly with any color scheme.

#7 – Test their customer service team.

When you’re trying to find a tent supplier, see how well their customer service operates. Send a technical question, and see how it is answered. It’s good to know that you have support at your side before you buy.

Find the Right Tent for Your Needs

Hopefully the above advice helps you in making a decision on your tent purchase. At Tent Renters Supply, our commitment to quality and customer service makes us a leader in the tent manufacturing industry. Contact us to order!