5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Event a Success


Sunny skies and summer all year round make Florida the ideal place to have a successful event company, outdoor entertainment, or work in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re renting out tents for a festival or a large wedding, making sure that you have the best quality custom tents in your inventory is essential. 

For more than 30 years, we have been a leading manufacturer of commercial tents and we’ve learned how important tents are to the success of any outdoor event. Looking back on our experiences, we’ve put together 5 tips to maximize the success of any outdoor event company.  

  • Be Informed about Wind Ratings

Wind and rain are two uncontrollable factors that could seriously affect any outdoor event. It is important to understand the limitations of your tents and how it will perform in certain weather conditions. You want to make sure that your tents are safe and sturdy no matter the event. In order to make sure you buy the right tents that suit typical weather patterns in your area, you should have a clear understanding of the wind rating to determine the types of tents that your clients will need. If the weather conditions seem to be getting more serious, you might want to recommend a Wind Mitigation Plan to the client to prepare them in case an event needs to be shut down. Advising your clients as much as possible can help them achieve success and make you a knowledgable vendor.

  • Stay up to Date With Permits and Municipal Regulations

Making sure that the event you are renting out to is aware of necessary permits and municipal regulations is a top priority. This is crucial in preparation for the outdoor event because you don’t want to find out the day of the event that it violates a city code to set up in the desired location, or is unsafe. All of this information can normally be found on your local city’s government website where you will find an outline of permits and regulations that the state will require you to abide by. 

  • Consider Engineered vs Nonengineered Tents

Engineered tents are tents that have been signed off by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in your state. The engineer will evaluate the tent under a set of conditions for its performance. Wind performance is typically the most requested item. Choosing to purchase one or the other really depends on typical wind and weather patterns in the areas you rent out to and how much the wind will affect each individual event. 

  • Protect Your Vinyl Investments

Quality vinyl tents can last several years and yield a great return provided they are properly cleaned, transported, stored, and taken care of.  Make sure that any holes or tears are repaired promptly before they get worse. Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals and abide by the specifications on the vinyl itself. Perhaps the most important method of care is to completely dry out the tent to avoid mildew from developing. All of these steps take time, but they are worth doing in the long run. Tent Renters Supply provides repair kits, recommended cleaning products, and other items to successfully maintain a tent inventory.

  • Work With a Trusted Partner in Tent Manufacturing

While maintenance helps, long tent life starts with strong craftsmanship. At Tent Renter’s Supply, we carry a large stock of inventory which allows us to meet customers’ needs at a moment’s notice. Additionally, our 30+ years of expertise and experience have afforded us the ability to create and manufacture just about anything you can dream up.

Please feel free to call us at (800) 865-5064 or email us at info@tentsupply.com for more information.