Anchoring Options for Tents with Sidewalls


Adding sidewalls can make a bold statement that makes your tent stand out at any event or festivity. Just as there are several options for anchoring a commercial tent, a tent with sidewalls requires extra consideration as it modifies how the tent will perform in certain weather and wind conditions.

The Appeal of Sidewalls

Adding sidewalls or curtains from your tent structure can add an attractive touch that personalizes the tent, as well as adding protection from the elements. Sidewalls can be customized to match the tent top canopy or overall form of the structure, depending on which type of tent is being used. With options such as cathedral windows, or café style, there are many ways to create an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere.

At the same time, adding sidewalls changes the way your tent reacts, as it is then considered an enclosed structure. While the wind won’t create as much uplift on the tent, the impact is that it puts more stress on the downwind side of the tent.

Assessing the installation site

Any rental or event company will tell you this: no job is exactly the same. While staking the tent may be a favored anchoring practice, sometimes blocks and ballasts simply need to be brought in to ensure the safety of everyone in the proximity of the tent in the case of inclement weather.

Also, environmental factors such as the ground surface can impact what anchoring options there are. For instance, underground utility lines, or sprinkler systems, and surfaces such as asphalt are deterrents for stakes and therefore a block or water ballast system would be preferential. Some installation sites such as parks may have limitations on whether stakes are even allowed. Always do a full assessment of all the variables and factors involved with the unique installation site to determine what limitations and opportunities exist.

The Industrial Fabrics Association International’s tent rental division published a very useful piece on the effectiveness of different kinds of staking systems, and members can download the guide to use as a reference when performing tent installations.

Premium Sidewalls for Your Tent Rental Needs

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