Top Tips for Hosting Your Wedding Outdoors

Tips for Hosting Your Wedding Outdoors | Tent Renter's Supply

When it comes to successfully hosting an outdoor wedding, there’s a lot more to consider than flower selections or the fun and creative favor ideas you’ve saved to your Pinterest board. Planning to have the ceremony or reception outdoors will surely give you more freedom in choosing the location of your dreams, but it will also require that you consider things like the weather, utilities, and rentals for creating a space that is not only beautiful and comfortable for guests, but also functional and safe. What are the top concepts to consider for a successful outdoor celebration?

Weather Rules

If you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding, Mother Nature will be the guide to your date selection. You’ll definitely need to work within the most favorable seasons for the area; no one wants to swelter in the summer sun and storms of an August day in south Florida or worry about a last-minute snowstorm in April in the Midwest. Also, if the weather takes a turn during the festivities, you’ll need to have a backup location in mind to keep guests safe and comfortable.

Seize the Seasonal Menu

One idea that is often overlooked when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding is the reception fare. When working with a caterer, you’ll need to choose items that are supported by the season. In warmer weather, it’s best to steer clear of heavier, richer foods that may contain dairy, as these can tend to spoil more quickly and may be more difficult for guests to digest. In cooler climes, consider offering guests ways to warm up; you might include a hot chocolate bar or a selection of hot adult beverages at the bar.

Budget for Rentals

Many traditional wedding or reception venues will include the use of items like tables, chairs, and linens, but if you’ll be having an outdoor wedding, you’ll need to budget for rental of these items. Also, depending on the location, you may need to arrange for utilities to be run to the location, portable toilets for guests to use, and the addition of things like a dance floor or an outdoor food prep area for caterers to use.

Getting Around

The more removed the location for your outdoor wedding, the more consideration you’ll need to make when it comes to getting yourself and your guests to the event. Is the nearest parking area more than a couple blocks away? You may need to arrange for a valet. If you’re working with less than level terrain, it may be a nice touch to utilize golf carts for moving the guests or wedding party to the ceremony or reception. Also, consider how service providers will get to the location and where they are able to park.

Renting Space for Your Outdoor Wedding?

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