Dos and Don’ts for Summer Wedding Planning

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One of the first major decisions made when it comes to planning a wedding is setting the date of the nuptials, and a full 35% of all couples in the U.S. opt to host a summer wedding. With long hours of beautiful daylight and generally agreeable weather, planning the event during warmer months of the year can provide a number of benefits, including everything from being able to have an outdoor reception and better lighting for pictures, to easier parking and mobility for guests. By following a few essential do’s and don’ts, you can make sure your event is one to remember for all the right reasons.

DO Send Your Save-The-Dates

Contrary to how consuming your plans may make it seem, your summer wedding isn’t the only event on the horizon during the warmer months of the year. Many families, especially those with children, plan their annual vacations during June, July and August, and providing enough notice to your guests may make a huge difference in the number you can expect to attend. Send save-the-date notices well in advance so attendees can mark their calendars early and plan around the event.

DON’T Begin Festivities at Midday

When the sun is at its highest, soaring temperatures and harsh lighting could leave guests sweltering and squinting in all your pictures.  Scheduling your summer wedding for later in the day or into the early evening is far more ideal, and will keep guests in the mood to enjoy the “I Do’s” and the party thereafter. Aim for a sunset dinner, and work the rest of the plans around that timeframe.

DO Provide Shade and Opportunities to Cool Off

While the weather anticipated for a summer wedding is generally beautiful, Mother Nature may unexpectedly turn up the heat. Even if there are some heat and sun-lovers in attendance, plenty of people will be looking for ways to escape the rays and to cool off, so make sure you provide opportunities to do just that. If any part of the ceremony, reception, or the time in between includes the use of outdoor space, make sure to invest in tent rental, which will provide shade and relief from the heat; some rentals will also include misting stations or portable air-conditioning systems. Also, if the temps soar, offer guests small hand fans, commemorative sunglasses, and ready access to cold water bottles or chilled beverages to help them keep their cool.

DON’T Serve Heavy Fare

This should go without saying, but sometimes planning the reception menu far in advance of the event leaves the consideration out of mind. Rich, heavy dishes are not only hard to keep when the heat is on, they can also be difficult for guests to digest, and leave them feeling uncomfortable rather than satisfied. Instead of cream-based or friend entrees, consider a lighter menu that includes grilled dishes and fruits and vegetables that are locally grown and in-season. Frozen cocktails and fresh fruit-skewers can make delicious appetizers, and ice pops or fruit pies can be a great alternative to a creamy cake for dessert.

DO Wear Your Breathable Best

When it comes to the ceremony, the blushing bride will be the star of the show, and all eyes will notice if she’s feeling cool and calm or sticky and stifled as she walks down the aisle. When it comes to a summer wedding, it makes sense to choose elegant attire that is not only beautiful but also functional. Light, natural fibers like silk, linen, or cotton will be more breathable and comfortable for both the bride and groom and their parties during and after the nuptials.

Hoping to Beat the Heat?

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