The #1 Must-Have for an Outdoor Event

The Top Item for Any Outdoor Event

Outdoor events are becoming more and more popular for both private and corporate gatherings. Being outdoors often offers much more space and flexibility than being inside would. The sights and sounds of nature can provide the perfect backdrop to an event, creating a more casual ambience and helping attendees to relax and feel at ease. Outdoor events can also be great when organizers want several defined spaces that are easy to identify and maneuver between. From weddings and parties to conferences, fairs and team-building exercises, hosting an event outdoors could be the perfect way to make it a huge success.

Considerations for Outdoor Events

Organizers of diverse outdoor events usually have to consider several common aspects, such as the availability of, and easy access to, bathrooms. Other considerations include:

  • Shelter and/or shade in case of inclement or changeable weather
  • External distractions
  • Event disorder and attendee confusion
  • Attendee comfort
  • Any necessary permits
  • Site access and parking
  • Ground conditions
  • Power and lighting
  • Refreshments

The Importance of a Tent for Outside Events

No matter the occasion, celebration or meeting, the most important item for any outside event of any size is a tent.

Protection from the Elements

A tent provides shelter from rain and shade from sun. A tent with sidewalls can also provide protection from the wind and organizers can regulate the temperature better inside a tent in case the weather doesn’t quite go as expected. It’s easier to add fans or heaters inside an already set-up tent, for example, than to try and relocate mid-event.

Focal Gathering Point

Even when surrounded by picnic tables, breakaway activity areas, booths or similar, a tent can help make it clear where the main event focus is. Hosts may set up a buffet or refreshment station under a tent. Business attendees may convene in a tent for speeches and presentations. A tent can bring order and organization to an open area. Additionally, a tent with sidewalls adds extra surface area that can be used for eye-catching advertising promotions and decorations.

Pest Control

Being outdoors can leave people and equipment exposed to nature. A tent, particularly if it has side walls, can play a vital role in bug prevention. It can also stop wandering wildlife from peeking inside and trying to nibble on snacks.


An enclosed tent can add more privacy to events held outdoors near publicly accessible areas. For example, the bride and groom can enjoy their first dance without onlookers and corporate teams can unveil product ideas without fear of competitors stealing their plans.

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