Part 3: Exploring Popular Tent Styles: Gable, Marquee, and Structure

Part 3: Exploring Popular Tent Styles: Gable, Marquee, and Structure

When it comes to selecting the right tent for your event, business, or company, understanding the various styles available is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the benefits of three popular tent styles: Gable, Marquee, and Structure.

At Tent Renters Supply, we have over 40 years collective experience helping our clients design, produce, and deliver high-performing tents based on their unique needs. These considerations can help you shape and empower your custom tent and ensure it aligns with your vision and expectation.

Gable Tents: Classic Charm and Versatility

Gable tents, also known as peak or A-frame tents, are renowned for their classic triangular shape. These tents are versatile, offering ample space and a sense of height due to their steeply pitched roofs.

Gable tents are a popular choice for weddings, corporate events, and parties, as they provide an elegant backdrop with their timeless design. The stability of these tents (when installed and anchored properly) make them suitable for a wide range of weather conditions, and their open interior offers excellent space utilization for seating arrangements and décor.

Marquee Tents: Elegance and Ambiance

Marquees blend elements from both pole tents and frame tents, offering a combination of the striking appearance of a high-pitched pole tent and the ease of setup associated with frame tents.

This design achieves both the aesthetic appeal of pole tents— while keeping the convenience and performance associated with frame tent installations.

With their stylish peaked roofs and sweeping curves marquee tents are favored for upscale events such as galas, fashion shows, and formal gatherings.

Marquees offer a luxurious ambiance that sets the stage for a memorable experience. The distinct design allows for unobstructed views and spacious interiors, making them ideal for both intimate gatherings and grand affairs.

Plus, marquee tents can be customized with various accessories like clear sidewalls, chandeliers, and flooring, adding memorable touches to any event.

Structure Tents: Long-Term Performance and Customization

Structure tents, often referred to as clear span tents, stand out for their modern and sleek appearance.

These tents feature a versatile framework with no interior poles or obstructions, allowing for maximum usable space. Structure tents are engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, making them suitable for long-term installations.

Their modular design allows for customization in terms of size and layout, making them adaptable for various events and applications. Structure tents are commonly used for trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, and large-scale celebrations, though there’s little limitation to what these types of tents can do!

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By understanding the differences and benefits of each style, you can make an informed decision that perfectly complements your vision and makes the most out of your custom tent investment.

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