How to Improve the Look of Your Tent

inside look of a tent

It’s the day of your big event, and your tent is up. You chose its style to make sure that people are comfortable and have an incredible experience. Beyond the tent itself, you’ve done your best to prepare it for both a strong first impression and lasting memories – with conscientiously selected lights, decorations, and flooring. The first group of people steps into the tent, and one of them says to the others, “Wow!” Instantly you know that all your hard work was worth it.

Why did you take so much time to improve the appearance of your tent? Because you understand how visual people are – and you’re right:

  • The human brain can process an image 8 times faster than the blink of an eye.
  • When voters see a picture of a politician that has been rated more attractive, on average, the candidate wins 60% to 40%.

Since looks are so important, how can you improve the look of your tent?

Give them a view

Before you start outfitting and adorning your tent, consider improving the visual experience through the tent itself. A couple of options to consider are a clear top (so your guests can see the night sky) and windowed or clear walls.


One of the most popular choices for lighting is LED string lights, which are safe, durable, and environmentally friendly. You can set them up so that they stretch from the top of the tent to the sides, or simply hang them around the perimeter. Other possibilities include globe string lights, bottled lights, and candlelight.


If you aren’t hanging lights from the top to the sides, you could fill that same space with brightly colored paper garlands. Helium-filled balloons can rest at the top. Chloe Crabtree of Celebrate & Decorate suggests the idea of concealing the tent’s support poles by surrounding them with sheer fabric, branches, and twinkle lights.


The floor of a tent will often simply be what was there naturally when the tent was erected, such as grass or pavement. However, many event organizers want people to be able to dance and create the sense of a makeshift building – so they bring in a floor with a marble or wooden finish.

Do you need tents for your hospitality business, carnival, or rental house?

By focusing on the appearance of your tent with the above considerations, you can create that “wow” factor that will allow people to feel that they are really someplace special. At Tent Renters Supply, we carry a large stock of inventory, allowing us to meet customers’ needs at a moment’s notice. View our catalog.