Expand your Facility with Made-To-Order Tents for Hospitality

Expand your Facility with Made-To-Order Tents for Hospitality

Now more than ever, businesses like restaurants, bars, clubs, event and community centers and more are focused on finding fast and easy ways to expand their facilities to meet the ebb and flow of a changing economy and the needs of their clients and customers. Tents in the hospitality industry can be designed for a number of uses, including creating covered outdoor spaces for when enclosed, close quarters are undesirable, increasing banquet and party capacity, and managing customer flow during special events. How are custom event tents for hospitality made to order, and what are some of the benefits of expanding your space?

Custom Tents for Custom Needs

Rental tents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials to meet a multitude of needs and aesthetics for companies or businesses. Accessories like sidewalls with and without windows add options for climate control or protection from the elements, and it’s also possible to add logos and special banners to maximize available advertising space to draw in potential customers. Our customization and manufacturing process is completely streamlined to provide our customers with top quality designs at reasonable prices. How will this benefit your business?

Evolving to Meet Change

There’s been nothing “usual” about business in the hospitality industry over the last couple years, when many establishments experienced major setbacks and changes in regulation, function, and set up, if they remained operational at all. Many “regulars” of restaurants and bars are still hesitant to come back to enclosed spaces because of health concerns, so it’s those businesses that have quickly expanded into outdoor spaces with hospitality tents that are seeing the fastest rebounds and most revenue return. Ordering a custom tent for your business could help you garner seasonal sales that might otherwise be lost if expansion wasn’t on the menu.

Big Parties, Big Spaces

Many businesses are looking to diversify their offerings in the new year, and utilizing hospitality tents is a great way to make more space without the commitment and costs associated with a physical expansion. Businesses that are able to host events like parties and gatherings for birthdays, anniversaries, business functions, conventions, and concerts can add “venue” to their list of offerings, and can immediately cash in on a new pool of revenue for their bottom lines.

Frame the Flow at Special Events

Some businesses need a more temporary form of structural expansion, and event tents are the perfect solution for managing hosts’ needs and those of their attendees. Custom designed event tents can help make more space for the occasional influx of consumers for holiday or sporting events, manage the flow of customers in retail events like craft fairs, fundraisers, and seasonal sales, and create covered outdoor entertainment space for special presentations or experiences.

Tent Renter’s Supply is THE Name in Hospitality and Event Tents

If your growth goals for 2022 involve expanding your facility to make the most of new business opportunities, Tent Renter’s Supply is your connection for custom, quality rental tents. From concerts to kitchens, expos to weddings, and conventions to shelters, we’re able to mix and match designs, materials and accessories to make your vision a reality. Contact us today to speak with one of our experts about your next project!