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Purchasing or Updating Your Tent Inventory? Here are 5 Things to Consider


No matter the event, location, or purpose, investing wisely in a tent inventory for a rental company is a calculated investment. Today, tents provide us with shelter for a variety of outdoor events, like weddings, music festivals, and more – allowing us to celebrate special occasions while incorporating nature. We may not have control over […]

5 Ways to Make Your Outdoor Event a Success


Sunny skies and summer all year round make Florida the ideal place to have a successful event company, outdoor entertainment, or work in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re renting out tents for a festival or a large wedding, making sure that you have the best quality custom tents in your inventory is essential.  For more […]

Anchoring Options for Tents with Sidewalls


Adding sidewalls can make a bold statement that makes your tent stand out at any event or festivity. Just as there are several options for anchoring a commercial tent, a tent with sidewalls requires extra consideration as it modifies how the tent will perform in certain weather and wind conditions.

Tips for Making Your Tent Rental Company Successful in Tampa


Tent Renters Supply is a business that has thrived through our positive interactions with our partners in the industry over the years. We know the value of our relationships and take pride in helping other rental businesses grow by providing them with the best quality products and services possible. That’s why we’ve put together some […]

Quality by Design

quality tents by tent renters supply

One of the biggest differentiators amongst tent manufacturers is in the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into the designing and engineering of the products themselves. At Tent Renters Supply, we use a number of innovative technologies as well as efficient production methods that allow us to create superior, high-quality products at a lower cost than […]

Engineered Tents: Fire & Flame Registration

Tent Renters Supply - Fire And Flame Registration

As we’ve learned over the course of our special Wind Loading Content Series on the Tent Renters Supply blog, tent manufacturers and event operators are working with several guidelines and principals involved in safely planning and executing events involving tents and temporary structures. In this piece, we’ll be exploring Fire and Flame Registration – a […]

Defining Severe Weather

TRS - Defining Severe Weather

Storms, high winds, hurricanes – Florida is a lovely place to live most of the time, but it has its share of severe weather moments. In our blog series on engineered tents, we have explored the many factors of planning, wind mitigation, wind load ratings, and other key topics that rental companies and tent manufacturers […]

Pull Testing: Measuring Your Tent Stakes

Tent Renters Supply - Pull Testing Blog

Staking a tent remains to be one of the preferred and most common ways of anchoring a tent for its holding power and safety. However, there are several things that tent rental companies and their installation crews should know about the soil conditions at the site, because those conditions will determine what size and how […]