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Golf course tents were in the news in September 2018 from across the ocean, where Scotland was hit with extreme weather. Winds as high as 100 mph barraged the Old Course at St. Andrew’s on Scotland’s southeast coast. Fueled by the powerful wind, a hospitality tent “lifted… into the air and back down to the ground in a heap,” according to a report in Golf Magazine.

While often what makes the news is the most dramatic incident on a topic, this occurrence in Scotland underscores the many ways in which golf course tents are used. They provide shelter from the elements for events such as weddings and banquets. Their use goes beyond those typical events, though, to special functions such as spaces for vendors, merchandise sales, and VIP clubs.

Hospitality tent or VIP tent

One of the ways that golf course tents are used is as general hospitality tents. A hospitality tent can fit various needs but is useful so that people are able to enter an enclosed, controlled setting where they can get information from event organizers and leave messages for other individuals. Golf course tents are also typically areas in which individuals can get complimentary refreshments. These areas are invite-only.

Merchandise sales & vendors

Tents are not just places for celebration or networking. They are also places where sales are made. Many people remember the excitement of the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in 2018, featuring a blistering effort by Tiger Woods in the fourth round to challenge Brooks Koepka, who nonetheless held him off and took home the crown. Koepka was not the only one making money off the event, though. The PGA’s head of merchandising and licensing, Mike Quirk, said that they expected to sell 100,000 hats alone at the 2018 event. To get a sense of the total revenue, the amount projected for the hats alone was $2.8 million ($28 per hat).

Weddings, parties, and banquets

Weddings are probably one of the first associations you probably have related to events on golf courses; golf course tents obviously come in useful for those. Otherwise, when you are having a party or a banquet, a custom tent essentially gives you more space for people to interact, to connect with vendors, and for you to meet their needs. They make any event scalable since you effectively remove any limits to your capacity.

Golf course tents for any capacity needs

Depending on the nature of your event, you will have different needs for golf course tents. Tent Renters Supply, with 30+ years of experience, is a world leader in tent manufacturing. Expand your facility with high-end tents.