Quality by Design

quality tents by tent renters supply

One of the biggest differentiators amongst tent manufacturers is in the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into the designing and engineering of the products themselves. At Tent Renters Supply, we use a number of innovative technologies as well as efficient production methods that allow us to create superior, high-quality products at a lower cost than most of the competition out there.

“We intentionally make sure that our products meet certain specifications – whether it’s an engineered product or not – there are engineering principles and calculations and methodologies applied. We also perform simulations using computer software technologies to ensure we’re getting the customer a safe and effective product.”

-Matt Perra, Engineer and Owner, Tent Renters Supply

Our Difference

One of the ways that we do things differently is by using superior fabric materials in our production process. For certain tent accessories and components that endure more force and tension, we use higher quality materials.

While it may cost more on the production end, it provides a superior experience. Rather than seeing repairs come through our facility for the same issue repeatedly, we provide a higher-quality and longer-lasting product for our customers.

Our Vinyl Selection

We offer a large selection of standard and custom colors for tents and sidewalls. We provide a unique range of fabrics including camouflage and even more traditional types of fabrics for awnings and other structures.

Our Technology

In order to reduce costs and production time, we invested in a state-of-the-art automatic vinyl cutter that shapes and cuts vinyl to exact specifications. This also allows our products to be increasingly specific and consistent in size each and every time.

Tent Renters Supply is a leader in tent manufacturing serving North American clients for more than three decades. Our experience and dedication to service are unmatched in the industry. We provide our clients with the quality engineered products they need to lead successful rental companies, event planners, hospitality businesses, and entertainment venues. To learn more, contact us today.