Purchasing or Updating Your Tent Inventory? Here are 5 Things to Consider


No matter the event, location, or purpose, investing wisely in a tent inventory for a rental company is a calculated investment. Today, tents provide us with shelter for a variety of outdoor events, like weddings, music festivals, and more – allowing us to celebrate special occasions while incorporating nature. We may not have control over the outdoor world, but we do have control over the quality of the tent being used. For these reasons, we always recommend that the tent you purchase upholds the best-in-class standards set by the industry. 

Vinyl Quality

Not all vinyl is created equal. With it providing shelter and protection from the elements, you’ll want to make sure you’re investing in the best quality materials. Qualities to look for include, waterproof and flame resistance documentation. Only consider purchasing a tent that has been treated with a flame-resistant chemical, to practice the best standards in safety.   

Aside from this, vinyl does need to be maintained to assure that it will live a long life. A couple of easy ways to keep your tent in top shape? Dry it off when it gets wet and patch up any rips or holes right away! The better you care for your tent, the longer it’ll serve its purpose. 

Welding Quality

When purchasing a tent inventory, the quality of the accessories is equally important. Inspect the quality of the welding on all connectors, crowns, and metal components. 

When it comes to the vinyl portion of the tent product, welding versus stitching is a much more desirable method of manufacturing. At Tent Renters’ Supply, our facility uses a use radiofrequency welder to bind the vinyl materials together, forming a completely watertight seal. 

Technology and Innovation

Having a tent manufacturer whose equipment is up to date with the latest technology is important because it will directly influence the price point. Automated and computer-based equipment allows for much better consistency of product and faster turn around times, thus allowing manufacturers to create excellent products at lower costs. 

Tent Manufacturer Reputation

As a matter of trust and legitimacy, it is important to purchase from a tent manufacturer with a track record of experience, innovation, and high regard in the industry. We have been in the tent manufacturing space for more than three decades,  and with all of this experience under our belt, we have learned what our customers want and how to fulfill all of their expectations. Over the years, we have built our inventory to our specifications, thus enabling control over the quality of our products. In short – we’ve learned that quality products lead to happy customers.

Quality and Dedication to Service

Tent Renter’s Supply has successfully adapted over the past 30 years to consistently manufacture the best tents in the market. From weddings to circuses, we can create any tent and customize it for whatever occasion it may be. Call us at 800-865-5064 to get started!