IFAI Guidance Documents and Resources for Tent Installations

Tent Renters Supply - Tent Installation Guidelines

After more than three decades in the tent manufacturing industry, Tent Renters Supply has learned first and foremost that every event site is different, every weather and variable condition is different, and therefore tent installers must make interpretations of guidelines and recommendations from other agencies to suit their unique needs.

While many of our clients are members of the American Rental Association, which provides a plethora of resources from marketing to operations to logistics and beyond, the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) is less well known. In this article, we will be that determine which are recommended for specific applications.

Guidebooks and Resources

Written by Barb Ernster’s Tent Rental Division, the guidebook for tent experts covers the gambit of issues and factors that go into tent installation such as permitting, terms and processes for permitting, applicable codes for the type of event, including the distance required between tents, as well as guidelines for tent installers to use for site-specific tent installation.

Learn about how to ballast safely with the Tent Ballasting Calculator, a study conducted by the engineering department of Clemson University to determine the weighting of tents in response to requests from the commercial tent rental industry for reliable data to determine how to achieve the required ballast.

Members of the IFAI can take advantage of dozens of resources and helpful workshops for individuals and companies involved in the tent rental industries, including training principles for new and experienced tent installers, and more. For more information, visit www.ifai.com.

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