Hip vs Structure Tent: How to Choose the Best Tent for Your Event

structure tent

When it comes to creating your event space, there are a number of elements to consider; the season and expected weather conditions, the surrounding area or buildings, the number of attendees, and the technical elements required for the event will all contribute to determining the best options for your needs. One of the foundational tenets of design, that of “form fitting function,” can make the decision process easier, especially when you’re considering either a Structure Tent or a Hip Roof Tent.

A Hip Tent

Hip tents are the typical tents one would imagine in use at most events. They are affordable and customizable options that come in a number of sizes, and their roof structure sees each face meet a side of the tent.  With rectangular dimensions, this type of tent will have a single ridge line across the center of the roof, and is most often shown with or without sides as accessories.  Rounded structural tubes will generally require side and center supports for integrity.

  • This is a great option for small to large events, including weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and more
  • Typically used in a more temporary setting than a structured tent
  • Offers a free-standing roof and detachable walls
  • Sloped roof offers good rain and wind resistance
  • Sizes can range from 10’ to 40’ wide

A Structure Tent

Structure tents are available for a multitude of uses, whether they’re needed temporarily, on a semi-permanent basis, or as a more permanent structure. They are able to create fully enclosed spaces, and with a rectangular tube design, they are extremely secure and reliable and can be customized for any occasion or project.

  • This is an affordable option for turning an outdoor space into a completely enclosed, indoor venue, or for reliable weather protection year round
  • Suitable for large or very large-scale events, or even as a convenient option for storage
  • There are no required indoor support beams, so you can optimize the use of space without any obstructions to viewing
  • Structure tents use base plates at each leg and do not require ropes or straps along the perimeter
  • With a it’s more structured assembly, it’s possible to create different roof shapes
  • Structured Tent rafters are able to support simple lighting and sound equipment trusses
  • Sizes can be customized from as small as 10’x10’ to over 100’x200’, seating thousands

Let Us Help Customize Your Event

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